Why Make Mainstream Intros? Check Out These Futuristic Intros That Could Create A Trend

Why Make Mainstream Intros?

Mainstream intros are the most powerful element of a video as they have the power to direct the audience’s attention to or from the main video. It can be a tricky business to choose the perfect intro video for your channel as these intros are repeated at the beginning of every video.

Therefore the quintessential need to make the intros futuristic, super engaging, and visually stunning is imminent. In this post, we will guide you towards making a great mainstream intro that can help your channel trend on YouTube.

The prospect of designing a successful intro can sound overwhelming with too much pressure, but with a professional layout, it’s simple to build intros for you to use again and again with your videos. Take a peek at our intro builder for some ideas and check out these futuristic intros that could create a trendy intro maker for youtube

What Makes a Good Intro?

If you are technologically incapable of creating your intro, some websites offer templates. You may also browse YouTube for sample intros that designers have posted. Although they are a nice (often free) choice for people on a budget, they are also used by many people.

The view count of the intro video on its own will support this. Therefore, it’s hard to consider them exclusive. So, check out the following tips onhow to use an online video editor free that will help you a great deal to make a trendy intro on YouTube.

Make a To-The-Point Intro

Audiences are quickly bored, so it is suggested to keep your intro less than 15 seconds. Video clips of less than two minutes in duration can provide the most engagement, allowing you plenty of room to offer a compelling intro and follow through with the remainder of the brand video.

Coordinate the Color of Your Brand With the Intro Video

The whole purpose of creating a mainstream intro is to integrate one’s brand into the video. Brand Identification is one of the foundations of a good YouTube intro. Making color-coordinated designs, renders you instantly identifiable to your viewers, even though your branding occurs further into the video. Color clarity helps to build continuity and order through your YouTube page. It also makes it easy for your fans to discover your content.

Delete Unnecessary Shots

The longer the video is, the higher the chances are that the interest of the potential client in your product will diminish over the span of your video. Therefore, edit the parts of the video with which you can easily do away with. Make sure you do not drag shots and develop an optimized, fast, professional, and polished intro to impress the audience with your skills.

Complement the Right Music

Music acts as the defining element of any great video. Make sure to experiment with diverse tracks and play it safe when it comes to making a product advertisement video. A piece of loud rock music in the background of your product video may shift the element of focus and may even make the video seem out of place.

Therefore, make sure to select a piece of music that complements the domain of the niche product and highlight the attention of the audience towards the product and not away from it. For example, Romantic music in a diaper advertisement may not be the best choice of music in a mainstream intro. So make sure to coordinate the right music to your videos.

Include Animations

A mainstream intro in your video defines the nature and creativity of your brand. So, a static image may not be an ideal choice for your intro, as it may lure the attention of your customer away from your brand video.

On the contrary, you may consider experimenting with animations or motion graphics to add a hint of excitement to your video. The addition of animation in YouTube intros facilitates audience engagement and gives them something to look forward to.

Personalize the Mainstream Intro

Most YouTubers choose their channel title for some impact in addition to ambiguous attention-seeking phrases. It’s difficult to recall the channel name when so many others are doing the same thing. Rather, consider something special that nobody else can. Create the mainstream intro of your channel to stand apart.

Simple brand names such as Nike, Adidas, or Rolex are easier to remember as compared to facetious names such as “The Entrepreneur Hub” or “The Unique Product.”

Further personalizing your channel by adding a credible name in the title automatically adds a level of reliability to your brand and helps the consumer to trust the brand on a higher level. Therefore, integrate the name of your brand in your mainstream intro video titles.

Insert an Element of Surprise

The intro requires being creatively stimulating to attract the attention of potential customers. It’s best to use quick sequences, vivid colors, and a sporty speed. Sound, animation, and unpredictable sequence disruptions will all make your audiences stay engaged and return to your video.

Enhance Visually Engaging Scenes

The chances of the audience getting attracted to a bright, lively, and robust setup are higher as compared to the dull and motionless sequence. Therefore, add a glimpse of visually engaging content that entraps the audience’s attention.

You can further attempt to make your video interactive and relatable by highlighting the purpose of your product to your target audience. Think out of the box and add an element of visually engaging scenes in your mainstream video that can benefit your channel by trending it on YouTube.


YouTube supports MP4 and MOV format of standard video editing styles. Therefore it is recommended to convert your mainstream intro videos into the required format to avoid system errors or upload discrepancies.

The 16 x 9 aspect ratio is recommended to be the optimum ratio for uploading YouTube videos. Therefore, make sure you format your videos accordingly before uploading them to YouTube.

These were some tips that can considerably help the success of your mainstream intro videos on YouTube.