Top 7 Statistics About The Fleet Management Industry That You Should Know Now


The world of fleet management has come a long way. There was a time when trucks and the drivers were alone on the long roads. 

Today with the help of technology, the whole network has come together like a melting pot of ideas. Using modern tech can allow a fleet business to increase their productivity and turn higher profits.

A fleet management software in its most elementary form is a system that can monitor and program a whole fleet using advanced dashboards and telematics. The entire fleet can be watched over with a single computing device. It will give information on the driver, the shipments, and each truck on the fleet.

They can be utilized for some more advanced tasks such as logging engine data and route optimizations. All of the processes that took hours of paperwork and calculations can now be done in almost no time.

Understanding Fleet Management. 

Let’s take the example of a cab company. Imagine still being in a time when you had to call an agency to check for the availability pickup service. 

It’s hard to think of when you could not pull your phone out from your pockets and summon a cab right to your locations. Necessities are the most significant driving force for better adaptations.  

Today the use of telematics has become the norm. Over 74% of all commercial vehicles are equipped with some form of tracking and governing applications. 

For example, even school buses are fitted with GPS systems to check driver behavior and route management. Tech like a dash-camera now comes as a pre-added feature a lot of new vehicles.

Here are a few statistics that will be a real eye-opener about the usage of such software. There are both pros and cons of how the industry has looked at these applications. We can understand from the below discussion that while we depend on these applications, there is still room to nurture tech a lot more.

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Here are the seven most essential statistics you must know:

#1 – 86% of All fleet services depend on management and tracking software.

The reasons are incredibly apparent. There are a few things that this software can do that is humanly impossible. 

The seamless communication between the truck and the driver to the management host can only be done using this software. These applications have ensured that the truckers are never left alone on the road.

#2- 55% fleet have claimed to see better fuel efficiency with tracking.

Some advanced tracking software does not just keep a check on the position of the trucks, but also keeps an eye out for weather changes, road conditions, study engine data, and optimize fuel consumption. They can also be useful information to check the most optimal routes to better plan empty-load-drive-time. This will not just make your deliveries faster but also bring down the cost spent on fueling a fleet.  

#3 – 42% of fleets have seen safer practice with the help of telematics.

The only thing more important than productivity and efficiency is the safety of the driver, the truck, and the goods they carry. Using modern tech is the best way to battle this problem. 

Utilizing a fleet camera, one can enforce good behavior from the driver. They can also be used to check the driver’s fatigue and hours of operation compliance.

#4 – 32% of users call the use of driver monitoring to be the best advantage.

Some modern cameras also help the driver in harsh driving conditions. These are cameras powered by artificial intelligence technology that interacts with the driver to detect obstacles. 

Such cameras also help safeguard the company with video evidence in case there are any accidents. For both law enforcement and insurance — these cameras are a helpful aid. 

#5 – Only 12% of establishments still use paper-logs.  

Hours of operations compliance is one of the most stringent laws that organizations need to battel. HOS compliance aims to monitor the driver’s work hours to ensure they are not over-burdened by work and cause an accident

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These are important not just for the safety of the driver, but also the other people on the road. ELD is the only legitimate and right way to do it.

#6 – Only a small portion, around 24% of users said that they use fleet systems for analytics.

One of the most underutilized limbs of the fleet management software is a load of analytical information that can be derived from it. These are computer-calculated data points and facts that can be used to understand the problem points in your company and improve them. It can be used to also portray real-time information to the clients about your efficiency. The analytics will be generated by the system automatically and require minimal human effort.

#7- Most companies only use an average of three fleet management features over the many options available.

The fleet software can do a lot for your brand. But many companies only use them for position tracking, HOS, and driver behavior. 

The network of fleet software is a wholesome web that all work seamlessly with each other. When a company cherry pics the features, it cannot derive the maximum benefits of them. For example, there are only 30-percent users who log file usage electronically, which is a minimal number of the software’s full advantage.  

In Conclusion,

We can see the full potential of telematics is yet to be extracted from the fleet management business. There is always some skepticism towards the new ways of doing things. People look at these as a change from the tried-and-tested methods of operations.

Many also consider the cost of installation as the primary reason to neglect such applications. They only use the bare minimum needed to sustain without fully optimizing their fleets. This one time cost of installation will help any company organize its workforce to its maximum efficiency. 

Innovations and automation are the way forward. They are an excellent way to save money and time for any company. When a unique piece of technology can be leveraged for better practices, why do it any other way?

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