Tuesday, June 28, 2022

“They want to kill superstar” – Singer Portable cries out after surviving car accident (video)

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“They want to kill superstar” – Singer Portable cries out after surviving car accident (video)

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Portable, a Nigerian singer, was in another vehicle accident just three months after surviving one.

Portable took to social media in March to express his gratitude to God for saving his life after crashing his Range Rover into a building’s railing.

He believes that the accident was caused by spiritual forces.

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After his automobile was involved in a mishap earlier today, he took to Instagram once more to thank God for saving his life.

The Zazu Zeh star claimed his opponents are trying to kill a celebrity after sharing a video of the accident scene.

“Oluwa, protect me; my assailants want to kill me.” They want to assassinate a celebrity.” In the video, he says.

Watch below,


Portable has apologized to the organizers of the Nigerian Prize ceremony – The Headies – for threatening the co-nominees in his award category with a verbal threat.

Portable threatened his co-nominees on social media shortly after he was nominated, claiming that if he didn’t win the honors, he would harm them.

Smooth Promotions Limited, the organizers, were not pleased, and they promptly reported Portable to the police.

The HEADIES wrote in part in a public announcement circulated on social media by the organizers:

– The Headies denounce such crimes and are adamantly opposed to any threats made in response to actions that violate our laws.

– We have informed the Nigerian Police Force of Mr. Okikiola’s conduct on behalf of other award nominees.

The organizers also ordered that Portable remove the video from his social media channels immediately, as well as a formal apology to the nominees in the categories he had threatened.

Portable later apologized to the organizers and claimed that he was simply trying to stand up for the streets because it’s rare for someone like him to experience that kind of incidence.

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