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“These set of players wants to leave Chelsea” – Tuchel expresses his displeasure after Chelsea’s 4-0 loss to Arsenal

“These set of players wants to leave Chelsea” – Tuchel expresses his displeasure after Chelsea’s 4-0 loss to Arsenal

I’m afraid the entire “it’s merely a pre-season friendly” defense is rendered useless when you play your local rivals.

Sadly for Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea, just one team played a friendly yesterday night, and it wasn’t the German Coach’s team. When Chelsea plays Arsenal, though, no game is a friendly.

After being thrashed 4-0 by London rivals Arsenal in their third preseason game of the year, they have now lost two straight preseason games.

It’s hardly the most effective approach to prepare for the upcoming season, which starts in only 13 days. The signs are quite worrying for Blues fans, who are becoming increasingly furious that Jules Kounde appeared to be on his way to joining them before Barcelona entered the picture and may have signed him first.

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Equally troubling were Tuchel’s post-game remarks, which were reported by Football London.

Far from at ease, Tuchel declared. “I believe we deserved to lose, which is fair, because we were not up to par. We were in no way competitive. The disturbing issue is that Arsenal had a significantly better level of dedication to this game than we did, both physically and emotionally.

“We might dispute that they played with, in my opinion, their strongest lineup; they have been working together for more than a year. This is the lineup they’ll attempt to use to open Premier League games; they’ve improved their line-up and played the same structure.

It was not our strongest lineup, and this explains a portion of it, but not all of it. The other aspect raises concerns.

“I am unable to guarantee [Chelsea’s readiness for the upcoming season] .” I witnessed a squad today in Arsenal that is physically and mentally committed to a level of exhaustion and play that we are not capable of matching.

We lacked a level of mental dedication as well because many of our players are considering leaving and exploring their options. We have players that have left, and I believe that is currently clear.

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