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The Untamed: The Living Dead (Chinese) [Action]

The Untamed: The Living Dead (Chinese) [Action]

The Untamed: The Living Dead (Chinese) [Action] Near Qishan, there is a city of Fufeng, which was once called the “Little City that Never Sleeps”.

A long time ago, the city’s lanterns were shining, and the night was like day. However, it is now shrouded in darkness, and there is a legend of “lighting on a lamp to kill”.

After the protagonist Wen Ning came to Fufeng City, as soon as he entered the city, he found a lot of anomalies. When the night came, Wen Ning deliberately lit the lamp to attract ghosts.

Just as he was about to be captured, a blue sword light struck, and the shadow took the opportunity to escape. Wen Ning raised his eyes and saw a familiar figure galloping in from outside the door.

It was his old acquaintance, Lan SiZhui, a son of the Lan family. Later, Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui joined hands. After unremitting efforts, the two finally solved the mystery, captured the mastermind behind the scenes, and returned the common people to a peaceful world.

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  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Costume
  • Stars: Yu Bin, Zheng Fanxing, Wang Yifei
  • Runtime: 83mins

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