Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Necklace – Nollywood Movie 2022

The Necklace – Nollywood Movie 2022

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Don C {Kennedy Samario} a wealthy man who’s wealth attracts people from afar but source of his wealth is still something magical, Afam {Yul Edochie} who hunger for wealth led him meeting up with Don C but the sacrifice of getting rich lays on a Necklace which happened to have disappeared after a tragic death of Don C.

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Can Yul ever save his wife {Chineye Ubah} who he has put in a very drastic state of bad health? they say that People live in different worlds.

There’s a rich world, there’s a poor world, and there’s an extremely poor. The one you dwell is determined by the outcome of your sacrifice.

Starring Yul Edochie, Chineye Ubah, Kennedy Samario, Cornel Agbogidi, Papa E.

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