See Photos of Another Beautiful and Curvy Bobrisky Wannabe


Transgender is a term that existed long time ago (1900s). Transgender people have a gender expression and identity different from the one the have from birth. Most of them seek for medical assistance to help them transit from one gender to the gender of their choice.

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In Nigeria, the only notable, popular and controversial transgender is Bobrisky, he is proud of been one, and always show off his photos on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

As I was checking my Facebook timeline, I came across this beautiful and curvy guy that turns himself into a woman. The guy’s identity is yet unknown, but according to the post he is a graduate because he was spotted with NYSC uniform.

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Trust Nigerians reactions to the post, many blasted the young man but some loved his decision.

Below are pictures before:

Pictures after:

I think some people that decides to become something they are not are not satisfied with what they have naturally.

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Life is a choice, and what we choose will affect us now or later


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