Rudiger to cover three months’ catering costs for Berlin hospital

Rudiger to cover three months' catering costs for Berlin hospital

Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has once again extended a helping hand in the battle against coronavirus pandemic. 

The German defender has offered to cover the catering costs of staff at the Berlin hospital, where he was born, for the next three months.

This is the third time he is showing his generosity during the current pandemic, having donated money to NHS charities and the Chelsae foundation.

The 27-year-old is said to have started covering the catering costs at the hospital before Easter.

“Even though I now live in London, Berlin is still a very special city for me,” he said as quoted by German outlets.

“When I have free time, I am still often there. I have a lot to thank Berlin for, so I’m happy to help out now,”

Many of the club’s stars have taken part in donation exercises meant to boost the work of NHS workers and other charities as the world battles the deadly virus.

The players are also in discussions of a possible 30% wage cut as a way of helping the club balance their financial books during the current challenging times.