Rhonda Worthney biography: updates about Troy Aikman’s ex-wife

Rhonda Worthney biography updates

Rhonda Worthney is a publicist, commentator and reality star, who was once married to Troy Aikman, a former American footballer who played for Dallas Boys in his prime.

Rhonda was able to make it to the limelight owing to the influence of her ex-husband.

One of the exciting parts about Rhonda Worthney and Troy Aikman is their relationship which lasted for eleven years. Aikman revealed it was a difficult decision they had to make, but they never gave the reason for the divorce to date.

Their union was blessed with two daughters making Rhonda a mother of three as she already had a child from a previous relationship before getting married to Troy.

This article is focused on everything you should know about Rhonda Worthney.

Profile Summary

Full name Rhonda Worthney
Date of birth May 2nd 1970
Age 51
Gender Female
Place of birth United states
Zodiac sign Taurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Commentator, Publicist
Marital status divorced
children 3

Rhonda Worthney’s Biography

She was born on the 2nd of May, 1970, in Texas, in the United States. There are, however, no details about her parents or siblings as well as her childhood. She was in a relationship before she met Troy Aikman and already had a daughter; however, there are no details about her available online


There are no details of the schools she attended; she is educated as she worked as a publicist and commentator with Dallas Boys.


Even though she was able to gain more fame after her marriage to Troy, Rhonda had been doing quite well on her own.

She used to be a publicist at the Dallas Cowboys. She was also a commentator for the Fox News Network.

There were claims that Rhonda was to be part of the cast of Real Housewives of Dallas before its debut. The claims, however, were found to be untrue because she didn’t feature in the series when it was finally released after years of being placed on hold. Moreover, some people claim the reason for the delay in the production was due to her absence.


She had been in a relationship before meeting Troy Aikman, who was also previously in a relationship with singer Lorrie Morgan. The reports revealed that Rhonda and Troy met when she was working as a publicist at the Dallas Cowboys in the early 1990s. They dated for some while and eventually married on April 8th, 2000, in Plano, Texas. The wedding was said to be an elaborate one that saw a large turnout from their family and friends.

After their marriage, Aikman went on to adopt Rhonda’s daughter. Their union was also blessed with two more girls. The first daughter named Jordan Ashley Aikman, was born on August 24, 2001, while the second, named Alexa Marie Aikman, was born on July 30, 2002.


All look well for some years until they decided to go their separate ways in 2011; the marriage lasted only eleven years. While they didn’t make public the reason for their divorce, they stated that they would remain devoted to their children. Rhonda Worthney got full custody of their two daughters as well as a divorce settlement which included a $1.5 million home plus $1.75 million for child support.

Public scandal

A year after their divorce, Rhonda was caught up in a public scandal when she faced charges of violating public peace by being intoxicated in a high school park.

A report via TMZ revealed that she hid liquid that was believed to be alcohol in two water bottles. Luckily for her, she was discharged the same day after pleading no contest in exchange for a 30-day probation term. The report also disclosed that she paid $269 as a bail bond.

Since the scandal, she has kept a low profile and has stayed away from the media, which is why nothing is known about her.

Net worth

Rhonda Worthney is reportedly worth around $10 million, which is from her income as a publicist and commentator; this also includes the settlement from her divorce.


According to the reports, Troy Aikman met Catherine “Capa” Mooty, a single mother and owner of a mobile boutique, after five years of staying single. They got engaged in 2017 and married in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California.

Rhonda Worthney, at 51, has, however, refused to remarry and is focused on taking care of her children.