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Real Madrid midfielder, admits he was close to joining Manchester United.

Real Madrid
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Toni Kroos, a Real Madrid midfielder, has revealed how he was ‘near’ to joining Manchester United under former Red Devils manager David Moyes.

During the 2013/14 season, Manchester United was interested in signing Kroos from Bayern Munich.

Following David Moyes’ departure at Man United, a proposed transfer fell through, and Kroos instead joined Real Madrid in 2014.

“I knew United wanted me,” Kroos stated ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League semi-final second-leg match against Manchester City on Wednesday night, as reported by Mail.

“And Moyes made a point of emphasizing that. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with wonderful people. We spent a lot of time talking about United’s football strategy, which persuaded me.

“In the end, we had to break up in order to do it.” As a result, we verbally agreed. The following stage should be to examine everything in Manchester on the spot. We only had one child at the time, who was seven months old, so the relocation wouldn’t have been too difficult. It would have all worked out.”

“I am not a person who considers hypotheticals,” Kroos continued. “It was a close call.” I was almost a Manchester United fan. However, things did not turn out that way.

“I don’t have these what-if scenarios in my head.” Because there aren’t any true answers. The only assurance I can offer is that I would not have won the Champions League three times with Manchester United.”


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