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Pere, Cross, and Jackie B Discuss Tega’s Illicit Affair With Boma At BBNaija Reunion

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Pere, Cross, and Jackie B Discuss Tega’s Illicit Affair With Boma At BBNaija Reunion

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Last night during the Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Reunion, some of the ex-housemates discussed Tega and Boma’s romantic relationship.
Tega and Boma discussed some bed motions during the reality TV show, which sparked fury on social media.

Pere, Cross, and Jackie B Discuss Tega's Illicit Affair With Boma At BBNaija Reunion

Micheal commented on the incident, saying that while the situation is delicate, Boma and Tega are two consenting adults who have every right to perform such an act on national television and live with the repercussions.

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“They’re both adults,” Kayvee explained, “but in the framework of the society we live in, it’s a problem…. I was thinking to myself, “They’re both making a mistake.”

Pere, in response, stated that he never believed Tega was truly married, but that it was her thing and a technique.

Jackie B said she thought it was her strategy before Boma, and Cross agrees with Pere.

Boma, for one, said that his relationship with Tega was part of his game, and that he was aware that Tega was not married, but that his ex-housemates were unaware.

“It was still part of the game at the time, and I knew what nobody knew,” Boma stated (we were friends). She said the marriage wasn’t ‘there,’ as if it didn’t exist. “However, no one was aware of this.”

“I just had the feeling that no matter what occurred, people were going to detest me.” I was verified and arrived from the United States with over 200k followers.”

Tega responded by saying she’s been separated since 2020 and had a talk with her ex, telling him to keep out of whatever happened on the show.

“I didn’t go into the show married,” she explained. I entered as a separated person.”

“I feel none of this would have happened if he (my ex-husband) had stayed to the dialogue we had before the house.”

Tega went on to say that their friendship was real and that she and Boma had no feelings for each other outside the house.

Before the house, Jaypaul said he knew of Tega’s marriage, but he had no idea she had been divorced.

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