Sunday, June 26, 2022

Noel Whelan blasts leaving Manchester United star “You’re a horrible signing”

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Noel Whelan blasts leaving Manchester United star: “You’re a horrible signing”

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Noel Whelan, a former Leeds United striker, has attacked departed Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, calling him a “poor signing” for the Red Devils.

Noel Whelan blasts leaving Manchester United star "You're a horrible signing"

In a documentary, Pogba slammed Manchester United.

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The World Cup winner from France stated that he wanted to demonstrate Man United that they made a mistake by not providing him a new deal sooner.

Whelan slammed Pogba’s attitude in an interview with Football Insider, saying the 29-year-old doesn’t deserve a new contract.

“It’s just not functioning,” Whelan explained. Man United would have been foolish to offer him another contract, in my opinion. He hasn’t done enough to earn that contract, in my opinion. It is preferable if the player leaves. If he wanted to make a statement, he should have done it at Manchester United. To be honest, the fans deserve it. That kind of thought should have come to him right away.

“He should have gone out there and proven this, what he is saying right now, to the Man United fans and new managers who have come in throughout his time at the club.” To be honest, I believe he has let the club down, as well as himself.”

“He’s been a disaster at Man United,” he continued. We’ve seen glimmers, and I do mean glimmers. In the six years he’s been there, his reel of good deeds would probably last half an hour. That’s how awful things have gotten for him. That’s how awful of a signing it was for Manchester United.”

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