Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Mo Abudu celebrates her 58th birthday in style

She turns 58 today, September 11, 2022, and is the CEO of the affluent EbonyLife Group. Mo Abudu is a Nigerian filmmaker.

The movie director posted gorgeous pictures of herself on her Instagram feed.

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She stated, “As I turn 58 today, I give God all praise and all glory,” in a birthday message.

Mo Abudu stated in another post, “On today my 58th birthday, Oh Lord, I am grateful.”


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Mo Abudu

The 58-year-old Ms. Abudu explained why she kept in touch with her ex-husband even after their divorce.

She claimed that their divorce was brought about by the fact that “nothing was left of the relationship other than just being friends.”

It didn’t work since relationships consist of more than just being friends, the woman explained. At the time, the equation included a lot of other factors.

“Tokunbo Abudu is a good father, I’ll repeat that until tomorrow. He’s still one of my closest friends. We have two children together, and that is the most significant aspect of our relationship.

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