MIXTAPE: DJ Necterr – The Birthday (Mix)

Necterr the up and coming super star Born on Oct 15th 1983. Born in Lagos Nigeria……..Necterr has moved around a lot. He moved to different state within Nigeria and also Ghana. At the age of 10 he started to really set his mind in the hiphop culture.

He has involved him self in most of the elements in hiphop & Afrobeat. At the young age of 10 he started to break dance.

As he got older into middle school he figured he wanted to support himself, so he started DJing. He really didn’t make much DJing until high School. He was known as the school DJ.

He as DJ majority of house parties and school functions in the area. Necterr use to sneak his way into night clubs as a teen ager. He did not have many records so he would take his collection of records along with his mothers oldies and put them in a crate and walk to the front of the line and tell the bouncer he was the DJ.