Massive protests over the killing of Black woman shot 8 times in her sleep by Police officers


Massive protest in the U.S. over the death of unarmed and innocent black people in the past few months.

Breonna Taylor a young black woman in her 20’s was shot 8 times to death on her bed while sleeping, she was guilty of no offence, the 5 police officers who murdered her say they entered the wrong house, thinking she was the suspect.

This incidence took place in March and till this moment there have been no arrest made or neither where any of the Police officers fired from the force. The suspect they where suppose to make arrests for was already in jail.

Broenna’s boyfriend was also arrested for acting in self-defence while the police broke into his house unannounced and murder his girlfriend while they slept.

This have however caused major uproar as protesters take to the streets of major cities across the states especially in Louisville, Kentucky where she was resident, many where injured by gunfire during the protest and some where arrested by police officers.

While this is taking place, protest and rioting are also taking place across the United States for the unlawful murder of Ahmed Aubrey and George Floyd, innocents black male also murdered for no just cause.The recent killings and attacks against people of colour have received world wide condemnations, not just because of the killings because people are killed everyday, but because the judicial system is not playing it’s adequate role of bringing the murderers to book, but always finding way to shield the white culprits, this is termed systematic racism.

The nationwide protests is gear towards bringing justice to the murderers of unarmed and innocent Broenna Taylor, who was killed on her bed, shot 8 times. Her family demands justice as since after two months non of the Police officers have been arrested or sacked.Broenna Taylor an emergency medical worker was shot and killed by police officers who came in looking for a suspect in a wrong house, while the so-called suspect was already in police custody. They claim they had a wrong info. Although many have however traced it to racial abuse.

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