Mariya Dangote: all you need to know about Aliko Dangote’s daughter


Aliko Dangote's daughter

At the mention of the name Dangote, many Nigerians, as well as foreigners across the world, will immediately link it to Alh. Aliko Dangote he richest black man in the world.

Dangote has gotten to a stage in his life where he no longer needs to introduce himself as the name will continue to ring a bell and open doors for years to come.

This is owing to the reputation he has been able to build for himself in the business world that has seen him remain seated at the top seat of the richest black man in the world for years. So far, there has been no one able to take the spot away from him.

While Aliko Dangote is very popular, the same can not be said about his three daughters, who share the same look as him. In fact, if they were males, many would take them for the billionaire’s younger brothers.

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As expected, Dangote’s daughters, namely Mariya, Halima and Fatimah, studied in some of the best schools outside Nigeria, and they all own a stake in their father’s business.

However, unlike their father, they keep a very low profile, and there are reports that one would barely recognise them in public except when they mention their names or facial appearance.

Of Dangote’s three daughters, Mariya seems to be the most secretive who tries so much to stay off the media.

To know more about Mariya Dangote, continue reading this post.

Profile Summary
Name: Mariya Dangote
Date of Birth: unknown
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Business Woman
Spouse: unknown
Children: unknown
Parent: Aliko Dangote and Zainab Dangote
Siblings: Halima, Fatimah

Mariya Dangote’s Biography
Little is known about Mariya’s childhood.

What we found out, however, was that in 1977, when Aliko Dangote was twenty years old, he married his first wife, Zainab, who was selected for him by his parents due to local customs.

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The marriage ended with a divorce with no report on the exact year. However, during the union, they gave birth to two beautiful daughters Maria and Halima.

Dangote would later get married to Mariya Muhammed Rufai who gave birth to Fatima, the marriage however crashed in 2017. Therefore currently Dangote is a billionaire bachelor.

Mariya Education

Mariya Dangote has a Master’s Degree from the Coventry University in the UK.

She is now one of the top executives in Dangote Group.

She is considered “the secretive daughter” of Aliko Dangote as little is known about her.

This is because despite her rich background, she rarely shares post on her social media page.

Apart from his three biological daughters,   Aliko Dangote has an adopted son named Abdulrahman Fasasi.

Therefore we can as well say Alh. Aliko Dangote has four children.

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