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Many producers in Nollywood demand s#x-for-role — Halima Abubakar, an actress, reveals a dirty secret.

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Halima Abubakar, a popular Nollywood actress, recently used the microblogging platform to quietly criticize some Nollywood producers who, according to her, want s*x before casting any female in their film.

The actor made the revelation in response to a tweet from a netizen who was attempting to verify the truthfulness of s*x for parts among Nollywood producers.

She’d sent a tweet;

Not Nollywood, but Twitter. I direct and produce my own films. I’m not strong enough for s*x.

A follower then asked:

Serious!! That is to say, producers do require s*x from female actors before hiring them in films. Our sisters are in danger.

With her response, Halima verified the follower’s suspicion;

So many affirmatives

The s*x-for-roles debate has raged in the entertainment business for years.

Kanayo O. Kanayo, a renowned actor, refuted the assertion in January 2022, stating that some actresses do not put in the effort and do not play out their script adequately.

“When you hear of s*x for roles in Nollywood, please do not believe everything you are told,” the veteran remarked, sharing a photo of a movie set on his Instagram. Many of the girls are not putting out the effort necessary to fulfill their duties. It’s a pity.”


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