Lady Shares Pictures From Her Pounded Yam And Ogbono Soup Picnic Date, Twitter Users React


Love is a beautiful thing and it becomes perfect when you find someone who shares the same values and interests with you. Together you could do the unimaginable and break bounds.

Earlier, a Nigerian lady with the name Staphanie on Twitter took to her page to share the beautiful time out she spent with a special someone.

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The picnic which lasted for hours had Staphanie and her date stay on the field with different kind of foods and drinks they had bought.

Stephanie had her nice pounded yam and Ogbono soup, using her cutlery after which she had some drinks among other items.

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There are time when all we feel like doing is something out of the regular, this was beautiful while it lasted as she totally enjoyed her picnic date.

Here are some reactions from Twitter users on her page;

What are your thoughts about this?

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