Lady Sanchi in slaying dress vs Sanchi in Muslim attire – Which one is better?


Sanchi is a well known lady in Africa for her curves and shapes. She is a Tanzanian whose real name is Janeikunda Evarist Rimoy. And Sanchi is her nickname.

She is a Muslim by birth but she does not practice any it would rather prefer her slaying life.

But of recent, she seems to have changed her lifestyle and she is now a good and devoted Muslim who observes her every praying hour.

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This her Muslim journey all started when the Ramadan fasting was about to start and she made sure she joined in observing the prayer and fasting as well.

Now, she is enjoying her Muslim life and she posts pictures consecutively while she is well dress in her Muslim attire.

She even went further and added to her name. The name she added is Surraiya which is believed to be a Muslim name.

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Before, she is a fashion designer, a stylist and a model which introduced to her former way go dressing which some will refer to as staying. And she also loves to flaunts her shapes and endowed backside.

But now, everything has changed about her as she is more decent than before.

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Below here will be pictures to compare Sanchi while dressed her Muslim attire and also how she used to dress before she started her Muslim life.

Pictures of Sanchi dressed in her slaying dress:

Pictures of Sanchi dressed in her Muslim attire:


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