Friday, September 30, 2022

Kanayo O Kanayo issues strong warning to students who want to teach his son unholy act

Nollywood star Kanayo O Kanayo has warned teachers and students who wish to teach his son an unclean behavior to be careful.

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On September 18, 2022, Sunday night, he issued this dire warning on his Instagram profile.

He claimed that anyone who influences his son to commit an unclean deed will have restless nights.

“I have raised you up well with decent manners,” Kanayo O Kanayo wrote. Any instructor or student who initiates you to an impure act may be prohibited from sleeping by AMADIOHA with the permission of the Ogun. Onyeze MBAISE Ya gaziere

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According to The Yinkfold, the movie star celebrated his son’s graduation from college in October 2021.

Kosisochukwu Montel Onyekwere, my son, graduated from college yesterday, the pleased father said with images from the ceremony. Dear Biko, Salute him and join us in our celebration. Mbaise imeelaaa oooo, Chileke nde.

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