“I Stole My Customer’s Underwear For Money Ritual”: Vulcanizer Confesses In Ogun State (Details)


Many people seems to be obsessed with money rituals in this generation, especially, youths. This is because many cannot work, and many are lazy to work.

Thus, due to lack of commitment, consistency, persistence, dedication and hardworking, many engage in all sorts of malicious means to earn money.

In a case recorded in Ogun State today Sunday, 21st June, 2020, a man has been apprehended for stealing a woman’s pants (underwear) in order to use it for money ritual.

According to the information released, the vulcanizer is recognized and named as Dele Ope.

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He was apprehended after which the woman (the customer) reported the case to the police.

The woman narrated the event to the police and explained how that she invited him to her house to help her fix her tyre which has been punctured.

After the vulcanizer was done, the woman realized that one of her underwear was missing, and thus, suspected the man.

She explained that she spread her pants outside on the rope before the arrival of the man… but after he left, she couldn’t find them.

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She then rushed to the police station, Warewa division, to report the case.

The police officers of the division searched for the man and apprehended him.

Being apprehended, Dele Ope confessed that he stole the woman’s pant in order to use it for money ritual as he has been promised by an herbalist.

This case was confirmed by Mr. Abimbola Oyeyemi, who is the Police Public Relations Officer in Ogun State.

Below are more details about this information;