How To Turn Your Android Phone Or Tablet Into A CCTV Camera

How To Turn Your Android Phone Or Tablet Into A CCTV Camera

CCTV camera is mostly used by organizations, businesses, and banks. For some homes the use of CCTV camera is still rare. CCTV camera is also used to test the happenings in your surroundings. For example, tracking, safeguarding and maintaining tract of your home and office activities is used. It’s also uncommon for most phones to have an inbuilt CCTV camera connected to it, allowing you to keep track of your home and workplace.

I will however instruct you in this article on how to turn your Android smartphone into a CCTV device. First of all, I would advise you to use an old phone that you don’t use often.

How to turn your Android phone into a camera for CCTV.

1. You need a security app that runs on your new and old smart phone

First, you need a security app running on both your old and new phone. A significant number of such applications provide downloading, local viewing, and recording. A few apps could control your activities and keep track of them. These apps include Afreds, Appearance, Athome camera, A number, etc.

I will use one unique app, however, which is called the Afred app.

Afred app is user friendly, it records, monitors, live stream remote view, warning motion detection and free cloud storage. Afred app comes in two categories: the free version and the premium edition. The simple app performs the above-mentioned functions while the premium has advanced features such as zooming capabilities, eliminating ads, saving the cloud for 30 days.

How to Make Afred Camera Available.

First, you need to add the camera to Afred. It is downloadable below.


Second, there is. Swipe through the presentation on the new phone, and tap start. Choose the viewer, and tap next

Third, turn on both your camera device, your old android phone, and your display monitor, your new android phone.

Fourthly, click Google Sign In. You will sign in with your Google Account here. Repeat the process again on your old phone

You can view and select camera in this place too. And make sure that you sign in to the same account Google has.