How To Get Huge Data From Airtel At Cheap Price For Free Browsing

Those people that have chance to activate it will still be enjoying now but I heard that Airtel has wiped everything.

Well, that’s gone. Let’s take a new topic.

Today we’ll be looking on how to get huge data from Airtel at cheap rate.

But the disadvantages of this cheat is that it needs VPN to power all app because it’s social media data.

We are not here to waste much of our time. So let’s get going…

Requirements for the Airtel social bundle cheat

1. Active Airtel Sim card with #100

2. 24 clan VPN

Now let’s see how to get this done.

How to get huge data from Airtel at cheap rate

a. Dial ∗141∗104# and reply 1 or 2 (depending on the plan you want to buy).

b. Download 24Clan VPN lite, install and launch it.

c. Once it is open select NG | Airtel Social Bundle under Tweaks.

How to accumulate the data

You can buy plenty airtime and keep repeating the same steps above in order to get more data.

Are you able to activate yours? Share with your loved ones.