How To Get Airtel 500MB Data For N100

Airtel Social Bundle 500MB For N100 Power Up With 24Clan VPN Lte As of last month we made an article on how you

Airtel Social Bundle 500MB For N100 Power Up With 24Clan VPN Lte

As of last month we made an article on how you can power up the latest airtel social bundle with a VPN called Ec tunnel VPN.

Which tends to give us the good result that it works well, we don’t still relent we still move further and power-up the airtel social bundle 500MB for 100 with another VPN called HTTP injector VPN which we are still making use of till date, to our research and reviews we still feel like inviting to another VPN called 24clan lte VPN or 24clan VPN lte.

With 24clan lte VPN we will power up our airtel social bundle which is for WhatsApp, Facebook, and other
related social media with this VPN so that it can turn out to work out with all apps on our mobile devices.

But it seems we already did such before but with another VPN so we choose to test it on this VPN again which
turns out to give us positive results that we are about to share with you guys too, let check it out below.

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Features Of Airtel Social Bundle With 24clan Lte VPN

  1. Speed in connection when it turns out to make use of the VPN (24clan VPN lte)
  2. Fast in browsing with the airtel social bundle.
  3. The browsing speed does not cut when the VPN is connected.
  4. VPN consumes less power.
  5. Light and flexible to use.

So we need some stuff before we can get this social bundle to work with the VPN which I feel we should list
below as we always do.

Requirements For The Airtel Social Bundle Power up With 24Clan VPN Lte

  • 24Clan VPN lte get it from the play store or download straight from our telegram channel.
    Airtel Social Bundle 500MB For N100 Power Up With 24Clan VPN Lte On play store
  • Airtel social bundle which will be activated for N100 dial the following code to get it activated  *141*104#.
  • Internet connection which enables 3G or 4G respectively.

So we move to the main part of the VPN settings, but before we proceed I will like to bring to your notice that
the social bundle plan airtel 500MB for 100 plan is sim selective data plan that is not all Airtel customers are
eligible for the plan so pls take note of that.

How To Configuration 24Clan Lte VPN For Airtel Social Bundle

  1. Open the VPN (24Clan VPN lte)  if you don’t have the VPN installed yet get one from here.
  2. Click on direct from the menu option on the first page if you are just accessing the VPN for the first time, But.
  3. If you already gain access to it before, then click on the tweak option.
  4. Select the tweak for NG|Airtel Social Bundle 500MB For 100.
    Airtel Social Bundle 500MB For N100
  5. Then go ahead and change the server (Germany server is recommended)
  6. Lastly turn on your data connection and click on connect by tapping the ringing circle on the 24clan VPN lte menu bar.
    24Clan VPN Lte Connected

Wait for some seconds it will connect, you can now start enjoying your airtel social bundle with all apps on your device.

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Is there any tweak that can make me eligible for the airtel social bundle plan if I am not?

That question seems to be no for now if there is any we will let you learn for we bring fast updates to our people on telegram so try to join us there.

Can I accumulate the airtel social bundle 500MB for 100?

We suggest you should not try to just finish the first plan before you can go ahead and subscribe to another plan with different airtime 100 still.

How can I know if I am eligible for the airtel social bundle plan?

Kindly dial the code *141*104# If you get insufficient fund balance when you don’t have airtime worth of 100 on your line then you are strictly eligible for the plan but, if you are not eligible you will be notified about that when you dial some codes.