How To earn more Than $100 With Vova Self-Referral

Vova is an online shopping app, just like other shopping apps, e.g., AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. One good thing about this app is that they have a Referral Program, which you can make a lot of money from it. Unlike other shopping Apps that have nothing to offer.

In this post, I will be teaching you a little trick on how to earn more than $100 with vova self-referral. This trick has been tested and confirmed by me.

In the below post, I will highlight all the applications and software needed and their download links.


  1. PC
  2. Menu Play Pc Software (Android Emulator) (Download Here)
  3. App Cloner (Download Here)
  4. Parallel Space
  5. Via Browser
  6. Vova App

STEP: 1 After a successful download of Memu play software, Install it on your PC and lunch it, After lunching, Click on the marked area on the images below and follow the instructions.

Click on settings
Click on the engine then choose (DirectX)
Click On show then choose (Phone)
Click on Device Info then choose any network provider of your choice then generate the (phone number) and (IMEI)
Click on network then generate (WIFI Hotspot) and (MAC Address)
Finally, Click on (OK) then click on (RESTART)

STEP: 2 After you’re done with the above settings, launch the Google play store on the main screen of the “menu play software” sign up with your email address.

STEP: 3 After signing up with Google Play Store, download and install “Parallel Space,” “Via Browser,” and “Vova App” via Google Play Store.

STEP: 4 Minimize the Google Play Store and return to the main window of the Memu Play Window and follow the instructions below for the installation of App Cloner.

Click on the (APK) icon; a dialogue box will appear.
After downloading the (App Cloner) locate the App Cloner, double click on it to install.

Watch the below video for full steps on how to use the app clone and self-referral.

That’s all friends, and please do not hesitate to share with friends and family.