How To Be Eligible For 9mobile 1GB For N200 Special Data Plan

I’m here again with another trick on how to be eligible for the 9mobile special data plan, Have you ever tried to activate the special 9mobileN200 for 1GB data plan but unfortunately you keep on getting “ineligible” message?

Guess what? I have finally found a trick on how to be eligible for this special data plan without any eligibility issue.

9mobile-1gb-for-n200According to 9mobile, 9mobile N200 for 1GB is a weekend data plan which may be used during the weekdays. As we all know, this is the cheapest and flexible data offer from the 9mobile network.

How Can I Make Myself Eligible For 9Mobile 1GB For N200 Data Plan?

To make yourself eligible, activate this data plan during the weekend; from Friday night to Sunday. To activate, dial *929*10# and check the balance by dialling *228# USSD code.

What’s The Validity Of The Data Plan?

The data plan valid for only three days, and you can always re-subscribe when you have exhausted your data. If we calculate the amount of data you can get after re-subscribing for a month, it’s 10GB for N2,000.

The data plan doesn’t zap, and it works on all devices you can think of. At least you can use it to perform some activities on the internet, that is all friends, drop your comment below if you have any question.