How To Answer Survey Questions As A Nigerian

Survey is designed by a researcher and is made of questions that you need to answer. The answers you provide will be used by the researcher to understand how customers use their products or services. It can also be used to improve services.

Nigerians survey programs does not pay and companies in Nigeria hates paying for surveys. So, participating in surveys in other countries like USA can make you rich.

I noticed a lot of Nigerians participating in survey programs to earn money have no knowledge about answering survey questions in other countries.

There are many survey programs I reviewed and they all need you to be smart before you can earn from them. Not extremely smart but a how-to tutorial will definitely show you the way.

If you have read my reviews about any working surveys in Nigeria, you can definitely use this article to get your way in and pump in thousands of Naira to your account.

Now, how can I answer Survey As A Nigerian On Foreign Survey App?

Since you registered as another country or probably, USA on the survey app, you have to behave like a citizen of that country.

Make sure you are on VPN, or on any tool that hides your identity or change your identity to the other country you are trying to imitate.

After that, some pre-qualification surveys may come out first which will verify if you match the audience the researchers need to answer that survey and note that, any mistake can get you disqualified or screened out.

This is how to answer the pre-qualification survey questions:

How old are you?

Your age should be from 35 to 40 years old.

What’s Your Total Annual Income?

Total annual income should be high, at least $250k.

How Often Do You Go To Work?

Always select FULL TIME WORKER.

What’s Your Position In Job?

Select Senior Manager, Manager Or CEO.

How Many Kids Do You Have?

Choose Two Kids.

What’s Your Household Income?

Enter $150k – $200k

What’s Your Organisation Annual Revenue?

It should be from $500m – $1 billion

What’s Your Ethnicity?

Choose White / Cacausian

What’s Your Race?

Not Of Hispanic, or Latino

Some Tactical Questions You Will Encounter

Question 1: If you are asked, “DO YOU OR ANY MEMBER WORK IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING?“, kindly choose “NONE OF THE ABOVE” because the options will be Advertising, Marketing and Media. If there is no “none of the above”, choose Education or Insurance. You know why? They will think you want to cast or publish the research. If you choose other answers, you will be disqualified from the survey.

Question 2: Assuming you are asked “Which item did you buy within 6 – 12 months ago?“, kindly choose all items in the options. If you choose NONE OF THE ABOVE, or you tick four to 5 items, you will be disqualified because you don’t know the one they actually need.

Question 3: Do not rush to answer all survey questions because during the survey, they may ask you to select a particular answer, for example “STRONGLY AGREE” or “COLOUR BLUE“. If you select other options, you’ll be disqualified.

Question 4: Be smart! You must be a good liar. Assuming you are asked, “do you smoke?” Choose YES because they need people who smokes.


If you asked, “do you suffer from below diseases?” Select few because questions may come out from any of them.


Questions can come out in different forms but these are the common ones that disqualifies people. You have to be smart and knowledgeable to pass through this trial. You have to behave as if you are a citizen of that country, or you can make research on Google to answer some questions.

Do you have any questions, kindly ask in the comment section below for instant answers.