How 18 year old Barakat Bello was raped and murdered in cold blood in Ibadan yesterday


Despite all the virtual protests going on, Barakat Bello was raped and murdered in Ibadan just yesterday. While we were busy clamouring for justice online, something needs to be done offline (on our streets). There should be stricter punishments for the perpetrators of this dastardly act.

Barakat was just 18. She was fully clothed and in her house. What could Barakat have done to avoid being raped and killed, despite staying in her house. She was a hijabi, and was raped and murdered in her father’s house at Akinyele Local Government Area in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Barakat was murdered in her prime at the age of 18

After meeting with her parents today at their home located after former Akinyele Kara Market along Old Oyo Road in Ibadan, Barakat was said to be having her bath in the evening when she heard noises emerging from their house. She left the bathroom to check on the cause and saw those who wanted to rob them of their possession. Upon the sight of her, the perpetrators strangled her, raped and butchered her with a machete.

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Her junior brother came back from Arabic school to see the body of Barakat lying down lifeless and screamed for help. She was seen to have been butchered on this exact spot now covered with sand not to expose the amount of blood she lost during this cause. Her body was taken to the Police Station that evening.

Exact spot Barakat’s lifeless bosy was found in the pool of her own blood

The Policemen gave the body out yesterday when they proceeded to bury her according to Islamic rites. The father of the victim Mr. Bello said he doesn’t want the issue to be taken up to avoid removing the corpse from it’s place of final rest; he was however assured that such will not happen. The Kara Police Station before then had already inspected the body and took pictures of it before she was laid to rest.

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It is safe to say we have an epidemic on our hands. Rape is now a national emergency issue, worse than even Police brutality. We have to stop rationalizing rape, this singular act empower rapists. We must stop raping and killing our women. They are tired and we are tired too, we have come to a point where we need to hold each other accountable for our individual actions.

Barakat Bello’s house where she was murdered

Each time there is a condemnable act such as rape, hashtags keep popping up on a daily basis on the killing of young Nigerians. Shall we continue to be aggrieved on social media while the Nigeria Government is not living up to her responsibility of protecting lives and properties. Barakat is another victim of a failed system.

The bathroom were Barakat was having her bath before she was murdered

This national epidemic of raping and killing young girls needs to stop. The police must get to the bottom of it and get justice for Barakat. How long are we going to keep seeing these horrible stories? Rapists don’t care about your age, dress code or consent, they are evil and should be made to face the wrath of law!

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