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Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship at the University of Bristol UK

Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship The Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship subsidizing towards educational expenses for worldwide students concentrating on bookkeeping and money. Two grants of £10,000 per annum and ten grants of £5,000 each year are accessible.

The Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship should be utilized towards the expense of educational expenses for a qualified course in the School of Accounting and Finance. Continue to peruse to learn about the grant, its worth, qualification, and application process.

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The University of Bristol is a red block Russell Group research college situated in Bristol, England. It accepted its regal sanction in 1909. The college’s set of experiences can be followed to a Merchant Venturers’ school laid out in 1595 and University College, Bristol, which had been in presence starting around 1876.

The college is coordinated into six scholastic resources made out of a few schools and divisions running in excess of 200 college classes, to a great extent in the Tyndalls Park region of the city. The University of Bristol had an absolute pay of £752.0 million out of 2020-21, of which £169.8 million was from research awards and agreements.

The University of Bristol is the biggest free manager in Bristol. Notwithstanding, current scholastics incorporate 21 colleagues of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 13 colleagues of the British Academy, 13 colleagues of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and 44 colleagues of the Royal Society. Among graduated class and personnel, the college counts 9 Nobel laureates.

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The college is an individual from the Russell Group of examination concentrated British colleges, the European-wide Coimbra Group, and the Worldwide Universities Network, of which the college’s past bad habit chancellor, Eric Thomas, was executive from 2005 to 2007.

Besides, the University of Bristol holds an Erasmus Charter, sending north of 500 understudies each year to accomplice establishments in Europe. The University of Bristol has a normal of 6.4 (Sciences personnel) to 13.1 (Medicine and Dentistry Faculty) contender for every undergrad place.

The earliest trailblazer of the college was the designing division of the Merchant Venturers’ Technical College (established as a school as soon as 1595) which turned into the designing personnel of Bristol University.

The University of Bristol was likewise preceded by Bristol Medical School (1833) and University College, Bristol, laid out in 1876, where its first talk was gone to by just 99 understudies. The college had the option to apply for an imperial sanction because of the monetary help of the Wills, Fry, and Colston families, who made their fortunes in tobacco manors, chocolate, and (through Edward Colston) the transoceanic slave exchange, individually.

Besides, a recent report authorized by the University of Bristol assessed 85% of the magnanimous assets utilized for the organization’s establishment were straightforwardly associated with the transoceanic slave exchange. Moreover, the regal sanction was acquired in May 1909, with 288 students and 400 different understudies entering the college in October 1909.

Worth of Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship

The Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship will award two scholarships of £10,000 per year and ten scholarships of £5,000 per year.

Eligibility for Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship

  • To be qualified for the scholarship, you must have applied to start one of the qualifying accounting and finance courses: BSc Accounting and Finance, BSc Accounting and Finance with Study Abroad, BSc Accounting and Management, BSc Accounting and Management with Study Abroad, BSc Economics and Accounting, BSc Economics and Accounting with Study Abroad, and BSc Finance.
  • Applicants must be classed as overseas students for fee purposes to be eligible for Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship.

How to Apply for Global Accounting and Finance Scholarship

  • You can apply for the scholarship by using the international scholarships online application form. You can also find more details about this form in the scholarship guidance on how to apply for international scholarships.
  • Note that the application process is the same for all University of Bristol international scholarships so the terms and conditions are the same too. Read the terms and conditions before you apply.

For more information about the scholarship, click here.

The Application Deadline for the scholarship is March 28, 2022

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