Fiction…i will spread HIV to 1,000 guys before i die


Yes! Don’t judge me because am in pains right now. I have been betrayed by my boyfriend. Before I met dayo I had took my time before eventually venturing into a relationship with him. Left on my part I have been very faithful to dayo little did I know he has been cheating on me over some time now.

I just went to my hospital for my normal medical check-up and I was dumb-founded when I was confirmed positive for HIV. How could I have gotten this! Only dayo I have always open my legs for. Of course there are many ways apart from s**ual contact of contacting it but I have always been careful health-wise when it comes to personal health.

I had told dayo and he confessed he,s a carrier of the virus before he met me. My whole world has been put to shackles. A man I had trusted for twenty years.

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I am very depressed right now. So it,s true that all men are dogs. I promise to spread this virus to one thousand guys before I die.

If you are reading this too be careful because you might fall in my trap.

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