Erin Odenkirk: All you need to know about Bob Odenkirk’s daughter


Erin Odenkirk biography

Erin Odenkirk: All you need to know about Bob Odenkirk’s daughter

It would be the dream of quite some people to be in the same shoe as Erin Odenkirk, especially when it comes to the fact that she’s being born with a ‘golden spoon.’

While many may not know who Erin Odenkirk is, however, a search of her father’s name on search engines will pop up with various details like his celebrity status, movies among others.

Bob Odenkirk is a Hollywood actor, who’s story is quite relatable for many; his story is the type that translates from grass to glory. Ever since he made it to the limelight, he has continued to build on it and has made a name for himself.

In the case of Erin Odenkirk, she was born into fame and can be considered as a celebrity child.

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However, unlike her father, Erin lives a very private life, and little is known about her on the media.

Also, her mother, Naomi Yomtov, is a Hollywood producer.

Below are some of the details we were able to dig into about her.

Name Erin Odenkirk
Birthday November 24, 2000
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 6
Nationality American
Parents Bob Odenkirk and Naomi Yomtov
Siblings Nate Odenkirk
Marital status: Single

Erin Odenkirk’s Biography
She was born on the 24th of November 2000 to Bob Odenkirk and her mother, Naomi Yomtov. She is the youngest child and only daughter of her parent.

According to the reports, Bob and Naomi Yomtov have been married since 1997. The two met in 1994 while Bob was performing comedy at the UnCabaret in West Hollywood, California.

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Yomtov revealed she had a crush on Bob before they met as she revealed she attended most of his shows.

Odenkirk has a brother named, Nate Odenkirk who is two years older than her.

Nate contacted the COVID-19 virus, but it appears he is now stable.

There is no detail on Erin Odenkirk’s education, personal life or career as she keeps a very private life.

While she is on the popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram, her account is on private mode, meaning she only grant access to people she wants to.

Erin is above 20, but there are no details about whether she is in a relationship or single.

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