Eating One Egg Per Day Causes This To Your Body

Eggs are really common food that keeps falling in and out of favor with doctors. We keep hearing that eating eggs is nice for you because it is stuffed with protein and will be an alternate to eating meat. On the opposite hand, some doctors recommend avoiding eggs as they may influence your cholesterol levels as they’re stuffed with fats. Here is what actually will happen once you eat one egg every day.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein which is sort of fully (98%) absorbed by our body. the most important advantage is that it’s very low in calories (roughly 70 kcal per egg). Obviously, a dish is preferred as no extra oils are wont to prepare it.

Protein keeps you full longer and is critical if you have got a protracted day before of you. That’s why an egg may be a food common for breakfast. Bodybuilders prefer raw eggs in addition but remember that a cooked egg is absorbed better.


Eggs are a source of vitamins and minerals which support your biological process. Even one egg contributes significantly to the daily requirement of antiophthalmic factor, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin D. All of those are necessary for normal body function and normally are very low within the modern diet.

A number of them heavily contribute to eye health and reduce the chance of eye-related diseases.