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“Dislike or love me, it’s your choice”, Anita Joseph tells critics

Anita Joseph
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“Dislike or love me, it’s your choice”, Anita Joseph tells critics

Anita Joseph, a Nollywood actress, has taken to Instagram to tell her detractors that they must choose between hating and loving her.

The actor, who claims to be averse to ‘bull shit,’ gave a brief description of herself as someone who is not unpleasant or stubborn, but is forthright.

As a result, she advised her detractors to choose between liking and hating her…

“I have Nsugbe blood mixed with Onitsha and Nkwerre.” Mkpali arum na aso
I’m not going to accept your garbage and you’re not going to help me.
Oburokwasoyi’na apu ala, and I’m not going to pretend I’m not telling you the truth.
“Like me or dislike me, it’s your choice darling,” she wrote.

Anita Joseph, according to KemiFilani News, publicly chastised Nigerian movie producers.

The actress chastised them for their terrible filmmaking and quality.

Anita, who was watching a foreign film, observed how the directors pay close attention to the smallest things and give it their best.

She also mentioned how many of the scenes, particularly the frightening and ghost sequences, always appear to be so real.

Despite her status as a Nollywood celebrity, she noted that the business still has a long way to go before it can achieve international standards.

“I’m Nollywood, but my Nollywood is biko kwa nu,” she says. I don’t want to see a ghost or even offer pizza to a person, noooo na mbo enkwerom”.

Anita Joseph has left many of her followers impressed for not living a phony lifestyle, according to Kemi Filani news.

Anita Joseph has always kept things real, even with the introduction of social media, which has caused many celebrities to live a double existence.


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