Did You Know that Playing Board Games Could be Good for Your Mental Health? Check Out these 5 Popular Board Games in 2020


Board games are a nice way to spend the evenings, relaxing and having fun with loved ones. If you are in a group, it’s a nice way to strike a conversation and get it flowing naturally.

Generally speaking, these games bring joy to one’s life, and they’re a good way to bond with others. Games like mahjong, sudoku and strategy-oriented titles are best played one-on-one while online ludo, monopoly, and snakes and ladders are suitable for groups. There are various categories of board games out there, and depending on what you want from them, the options can make them seem daunting. But we can all agree on this – they’re good for your brain.

Benefits Of Board Games For Your Mental Health

Wondering what board games can do for you? You’ll be surprised. From de-stressing you daily to helping you relax, here’s what a simple game of sudoku or any board game will do for you.

  • Build Problem-Solving Skills

This applies to board games that have an element of strategy to them. Games like chess and puzzle games require you to think and use the left side of your brain. It’s great for developing young minds too.

  • Reduce Conflict & Be Happy

Arguing with your spouse a lot? A simple board game may be just what you need to calm down. It’s actually a classic move, and board games make way for good conversations. If you have friends whom you don’t talk to a lot, you can invite them over for a good game. By playing board games and reducing social anxiety, you become a happier person.

  • Gets You Energised

The thrill of winning and getting in your groove is enough to motivate you to keep playing. Board games stimulate the mind, and when you’re having a good time, the time flies.

  • Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Different board games give a different look into your skills. There may be some games you are naturally skilled at or while playing midway you find out you’re really good at them. Staying focused on a board game and doing your best can really give your self-confidence a boost.

  • Makes You Creative

These games make you creative. When you’re busy having fun, you’re actually activating the right hemisphere of your brain. If you find yourself doing well at work, play, or studying something after a session, now you know why. Word games test your creative thinking while family-friendly games like Bounce Off and Tenzi get those juices really flowing. But don’t take our word for it! Try them out and see for yourself!

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5 Most Popular Board Games In 2020

If you’re looking for a list of the most popular board games in 2020 and want to get started on your tabletop adventures, be it virtual or in real life – here you go.

1. Ludo

Ludo is definitely one of the best board games to play in 2020. Not just because it’s a game of luck, but because it’s approachable for beginners. For adults and kids alike, ludo is a board game that’s perfect for families and all age groups. You can get a free ludo game download from the Google Play Store, and if you get really good at it, you can even play ludo for real money.

2. Half Truth

Half Truth is a card game series that consists of asking trivia questions. It starts with picking a category or question from the deck, and the player has to answer it correctly. There are five to six options, and if the player chooses the right answer, he scores points. The more points you rack up, the closer you get to winning.

However, what’s interesting is that rarely anyone gets two to three right answers from each category. There are many rare and unique categories which means there’s a lot to explore.

3. Chess

Chess will never get old when it comes to making the top five list. Although the classic version is a one-on-one game, the online edition can really amplify it. There are various online chess tournaments, and developers have been adding multiplayer modes to these games. If you’re considering playing chess, try the virtual experience. Practice with the computer first before taking part in tournaments.

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4. Fort

Fort is a board game that involves playing with cards. Up to 2-4 players can play it, and you build forts in the game. The goal of the game is to not just to build forts but stimulate social interactions between players.

Also, you literally become a kid and go back to childhood when playing this since you eat pizza with friends, build forts with decks, and do so much more. We’re not giving you any spoilers. Just try it, because it’s plenty of fun!

5. Active Minds Animal Bingo

Active Minds Animal Bingo is designed for older adults and anyone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s a memory game that exercises the recall capacity of people and comes with a special board. What’s cool is up to 8 players can play this. It makes for good tabletop experiences, and there are images with different sounds to match them up. Overall, it’s a board game we’d recommend for an in-person session. Kids can join in too to test their cognitive skills.

If you’re looking for something online when it comes to memory games, we’d recommend looking into brain training apps. These have multiplayer modes and challenges you can participate in with other players. And it caters to different age groups with varying levels of difficulty for the challenges.


Are you looking for a fantastic way to spend some time with your friends and family? Then having them over for a board game will make your day. These top 5 board games are very approachable, and there’s something for everyone in the group. Online board games are interesting, but we’ve added some offline ones since we know these are the best.

If you are getting into online ludo, you can interact with different players online. The same goes for online chess and any board game that offers a virtual gameplay experience.

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