# COVID19: I won’t be able to do giveaway, waje


Waje has explained the reason why she won ’ t be doing giveaway like her fellow celebrities . It all started when Waje posted a tweet saying ,
Please where are those people that used to inbox me to invest 200k to get 5Million , please come, I ’ m sorry for ignoring you in the past.

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One of her fans asked her to send him money stating that he was hungry.

Waje replied to him saying that she too is hungry. Waje added that six out of ten tweets she receives on a daily always contain account Numbers and that she would also love to post her account number .

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Another fan expressed his disbelief at her tweets saying that if she could say she is also hungry and looking for money then it means the world is about to end .

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Waje hilariously replied with ,


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