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“Chineke Napu Ekwensu Ike!!!” – Nigerian lady’s breathtaking transformation has netizens screaming (VIDEO)

Chineke Napu Ekwensu Ike
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“Chineke Napu Ekwensu Ike!!!” – Nigerian lady’s breathtaking transformation has netizens screaming (VIDEO)

Lawrence spat out his drink, which was neither hot nor cold, as he watched this girl transform from bigger to biggest in a video that has sparked mixed comments on social media.

Netizens have been amazed by the rather astonishing transformation video of a lady named as Barbie Sylvanus, with comments like “chineke nna,” “Wait is eyes paining me,” and many more.

As is customary with transformation movies, the lady begins with throwback photographs of herself —and, much to everyone’s delight, she was already pretty curvy in the throwback— before switching to how she appears now.



People are astonished by her more recent appearance, as they marvel at how much she has gained in the video.


Watch as you scroll,

Read some reactions too,

She get am right from the beginning

I prefer your before than after 😢

She was already big she just enhanced it 😍😍

I swear these people used to pump all these things. You can’t tell me otherwise.

I still dey wait my own Canadian loud like dis 😂😂😂😂😂😂Opoooor ooh

God don do some girls partiality, him carry watin him fit share amongst 10 girls give one ode 😂😂😂😂😂

In related news, a video which shows the incredible transformation of a lady, supposedly Nigerian, in only but 4 years has left a lot of netizens stunned after seeing how much she’s transformed.

Joining the “Switch it up” trend that’s been buzzing on social media for a while now, the lady started the video from what she looked like in the years, 2013, ’16 and ’17 to what she looks like in 2021 and virtually anyone who’s seen her video have had their jaws dropped by it.

While a couple of people find it hard to believe that she’s the same person from the previous years, others are thrilled to discover that such a transformation can occur in human anatomy.

For obvious reasons, the video has gone viral on social media and up till this moment, netizens are still in awe over her incredible transformation.



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