Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Chelsea preparing £80m bid for Wesley Fofana

For Leicester center-back Wesley Fofana, Chelsea is prepared to make a third bid of £80 million.

Wesley Fofana

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To obtain a price less expensive than the £85 million Manchester United forked for to make Harry Maguire the most expensive defender in history in 2019, the Foxes have already rejected two bids of £60 million and £70 million.

Although Chelsea are hesitant to spend so much money on a player and have considered other options, including Maguire himself, the Blues are once again focusing on their main target now that talks with United have halted.

Since an £80 million offer is predicted to come across Leicester’s desk soon, Fofana is optimistic that a deal will be achieved soon. According to a source who talked to 90min, the center-back skipped a practice session last week before being left off the squad for Leicester’s 2-1 loss to Southampton. He is still attempting to get out.

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Fofana is hoping that this third bid would be enough to secure his desired transfer to Stamford Bridge despite the fact that he and Chelsea have already established a personal agreement.

After the loss to Southampton, manager Brendan Rodgers commented on Fofana’s situation, saying, “I know football and how it works.” It’s a wonderful profession. For clubs, it’s a business, but for the players, it’s a dream. They are working to realize their aspirations.

“Since I can relate to both parties, I try to counsel him on how to act in the best interests of both. Because of how he was when he was here at the time when he demanded a world-record amount for a defender, that is why I have always had such positive things to say about Harry Maguire.

I’ve been in similar circumstances previously, so handle it however you see fit. My knowledge is useful in these circumstances.

Rodgers acknowledged that every player responds differently when asked how Fofana would feel if he didn’t leave the club before the transfer window ended.

He said, “I’m not sure. “The player determines everything. It’s not always possible to predict the future with certainty.

“When the window closes, it’s a fantastic time for some athletes because they can entirely concentrate on playing again and moving forward with their careers. Some athletes might think they’ve missed their chance to realize a dream. The risk is that they might simply never be the same.

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