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“Burna Boy’s parents visited and offered us money” Lady finally releases video of Burna Boy, escorts at club

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“Burna Boy’s parents visited and offered us money” Lady finally releases video of Burna Boy, escorts at club

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The situation between Burna Boy’s camp and the married lady who accused the singer of accosting her is becoming increasingly tense.

Another twist in the narrative about the Cubana club shooting involving musician Burna Boy’s security and a club goer has emerged, according to Kemi Filani news.

Briella Neme, the married woman who Burna accosted, had broken her silence just hours before.

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Burna Boy and his security have been accused of killing two club patrons over a married woman on June 8.

Briella wrote in a series of Instagram posts that she needed time to recover and comprehend the events that left her partner and her bestfriend’s spouse hospitalized.

She recalled how they had all gone to Obi Cubana’s club in Lagos at 3 a.m. to celebrate a childhood friend’s wedding when the tragic event occurred.

When Burna Boy and his pals walked in and one of them approached her, they were all having a nice time.

She added that she declined the singer’s invitation to meet because she informed his friend who approached her that she was married.

Things got out of hand on the third attempt, when they all erupted.

Burna Boy’s friend allegedly assaulted one of their friends, escalating the situation into a brawl.

As the battle began, Cubana’s security intervened and calmed the situation, but Burna Boy’s security retaliated by starting another brawl and firing shots into the air, leaving clubgoers screaming and fleeing for their lives.

Since the occurrence, the lady confessed that she has been frightened and broken down.

She had odd memories and nightmares all the time.

She went on to say that the singer’s lack of regret and accountability baffles her.

The lady further revealed that Obi Cubana contacted her three days later, stating he had no knowledge what had gone wrong.

The club was unable to produce any CCTV evidence or a statement regarding the incident, and business continued as usual in the club.

Her truth had been questioned by one eyewitness.

The eye witness, named as King Kong, took to Twitter to allege that the woman had gone to take pictures with Burna Boy, which irritated her husband.

Instead of waiting for his wife to return, he went there and dragged her out violently, only to be resisted for confronting the singer.

Things escalated from there, and Burna Boy opted to flee when the man approached him, prompting the singer’s police officers to fire into the air in defense.

Burna Boy smiled at the event because he thought it was amusing how a simple photo shoot might turn into a disaster.

“The truth about what transpired at Club Cubana.

The man’s so-called wife went to snap with Burna Boy in the VIP top corner, and instead of waiting for her to return, he went there aggressively to haul her out, only to be denied by Burna’s security for his hostile manner.

Burna decided to depart with bis people as soon as things began to escalate. However, the same men who were yelling abuse moved in to attack Burna. Burna’s police officers fired shots to disperse the crowd, inadvertently hitting two persons.

Burna was attempting to avoid the scenario the entire time, even laughing (like what the fuck is this), but this guy wanted more than the whole thing, and his pleasant act of taking a selfie with a perceived admirer swiftly escalated’.

Briella Neme has shut down his reports by sharing a video from the incident to verify herself.

She mentioned how far away her club section was from the performer.

Briella revealed that Burna Boy’s parents paid a visit to her parents in order to negotiate and calm the situation, as well as to offer them money to put an end to the matter.

“How can you lie like this through your teeth?”

“Take a look at @burnaboygram’s position at the start of the video. The VIP section, which is divided into two sections, is located in the center of the club. We were smack dab in the middle of each other!

“No one from our area approached him,” says the narrator.

“This is certainly me in my section with my boyfriend, who, by the way, took the video.”

We were literally popping bottles, spending cash, and going about our daily lives. As a result, all of @goldmynetv’s stories are made up.

“This is my closest friend’s hubby and myself.” Everyone constantly bringing up the subject of money. Money isn’t an issue for us. Why were your staff calling us to give us hush money if you done nothing wrong? “What made your folks pay a visit to our parents the other day?”

Briella Neme blows hot

Briella Neme blows hot

Briella Neme blows hot

Briella Neme blows hot

Briella Neme blows hot

Briella Neme blows hot

Briella Neme blows hot

Briella Neme blows hot

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