Thursday, September 29, 2022

Blaqbonez has revealed that he spent a lot of money on himself not to look like Carter Efe

According to Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez, he spent a lot of money on himself so he wouldn’t resemble Carter Efe.


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On September 17th, Saturday night, he made this statement via his Twitter account.

“Jealous of a n*k3d comedian?! “, he tweeted. I invest a lot of money to not resemble you!

This comes after he criticized the comedian for the current dispute between Carter Efe and singer Berri-Tiga over who is the rightful owner of their hit song “Machala” in a previous statement.

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“Forget music business, forget “I dey help you,” tweeted Blaqbonez. Human decency encourages you to favor the creative, so do it! the person who created music out of nothing

Without a promoter, the music wouldn’t exist; similarly, without a creator, it wouldn’t blast!

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