Between Actress Destiny Etiko and Regina Daniels, who dresses better?. See photos


Dressing is one major Fashion that nobody takes for granted, not even clebrities. We all know to dress is to wear one material or the other on our beautiful skins. Basically, there are different dressing styles for girls go boys.

For boys, we’ve got skinny trousers that cab fit with sneakers or ant other foot ware. We also have Ankara that can be worn by men. For women, we’ve got so many dressing styles. Girls are known for their dressing versatility since they’ve got different dressing styles. Most girls are used to wearing gown, trousers, shorts and so on. We can’t argue that the Only reason for dressing is to look beautiful.

In this article, we are going to look at two celebrities and how they dress.

Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko is a famous Nigerian Actress who was born 12 August 1989. Here are some photos of her dressing styles.

Regina DanielsRegina Daniels is also a famous Nigerian Actress. She was born 10 October 2000. Here are some photos of her dressing styles


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