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BBNaija’s Tega Dominic publishes a PSA in response to Phyna’s loud behavior

Following outrage for criticizing Phyna’s noisy conduct, Tega Dominic, a housemate on Big Brother Naija’s “Shine ya eyes,” has released a PSA.

BBNaija's Tega Dominic publishes a PSA in response to Phyna's loud behavior

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Tega Dominic, who doesn’t seem to like current housemate Phyna, reportedly made a dig at her, according to yinkfold.

Boma, the reality actress who gained notoriety after having a sexual encounter with a housemate, expressed her anger with Phyna.

Tega referred to Phyna as noisy in an interview with Glitch Africa Studios.

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If Tega had been in the house with Phyna, she claimed that she would have requested a voluntary exit.

She found Phyna to be obnoxious loud, which clouds her perception of her.

She did agree that the reality star seems like a nice girl, though.

“This is how I see Phyna in this situation. She seems like a genuinely sweet girl to me. If I was in the house, I would want an exit on my own accord. Because of how annoyingly loud she is, Phyna obscures my perception of her. Although she is a lovely girl and a really sweet person in my opinion, she has the “Who dey” attitude. I was already getting tired of watching “Who Dey” season… u get… and it is currently in place.

Tega emailed Phyna’s supporters a PSA as an apology.

She disclosed that she has received numerous hateful messages from her admirers as a result of her opinions.

Tega claimed she had never made anyone feel bad. She said that her opinion of Phyna wasn’t motivated by hatred.

Tega apologized and said that by “annoyingly” she meant that she constantly produced noise when people were sleeping, which isn’t reassuring.

“Dear Phyna’s admirers, Sincerely speaking, I have been giggling as I read the remarks on various sites. However, reading some of the words was quite disturbing. I was told not to write this article, but I feel the need to clarify a few things.

I’ve seen comments and even DMS from people who claim that I am a woman who is speaking ill of another woman. Please understand that I have never in my life uttered negative remarks about anyone, not even those who have turned me into an enemy. I can clarify this to anyone who judged without even viewing the entire video that I have never brought somebody down in order to promote myself or another. My words about Phyna were not made out of hatred.

Phyna is “annoyingly” noisy,” I remarked. I apologize; I meant to say that occasionally her screams are unnecessary, especially when they are made at home at quiet moments when people are sleeping or otherwise unoccupied. For me, this isn’t comfortable. This doesn’t mean that I dislike her; in fact, I explicitly mentioned her positive traits before I said that. Because it triggers me, I would have asked for a voluntary exit because I wouldn’t want to go in anyone’s way only for a game. Why didn’t I leave when Whitemoney was allegedly loud? I’ll explain why.

White Money would occasionally say “who dey” during gatherings or when we won something, but he was never loud within the house. That is why I stated that if there was ever a loud personality present, I would want a voluntary exit because it causes me worry.

Humans have a variety of triggers; if I had to name one person who was loud, it would be Saga, but it was his wonderful laughing. Like Gidifaya, he can make you laugh even when you don’t want to, which is beneficial.

Tega Dominic

Tega Dominic

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