Bayelsa State Billionaire, Keniebi Okoko Dies After Failed Tummy Tuck Surgery In Lekki


Sometimes when you hear the phrase, “something must kill a man” many people often thing that is only meant for the poor masses. Unfortunately, death is not a respecter of how much you have or how much you own. Back in the 2000s, a sitting Nigerian first lady, Stella Obasanjo lost her life in a botched tummy tuck surgery in Germany.

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Believe it or not, big politicians are still dieing from the quest to look good for their girlfriends and side chics. The thing is, many politicians are so rich that they can afford serious money to send to girlfriend and sidechics who look good due to the many plastic surgeries they have had, it is only a matter of time before the poltiicians themselves get talked into having a go at cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks, since many politicians can only embezzle money but not looks!

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