Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ashmusy reverses her position on being a virgin, saying “I’m just kidding and keeping my fans entertained”

Amarachi Amusi, called Ashmusy, a well-known Nigerian comedian, has addressed her most recent post about virginity.

Ashmusy had previously declared on social media that she would wait to get married before losing her virginity.

She frequently shares intimate photos and videos of herself on social media, so her revelation was especially shocking.

Ashmusy clarified that she was not a virgin, saying, “My personal life is distinct from my professional life. My workspace is literally social media. I am an influencer, so that is how I keep my audience engaged and amused.

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“Many things would be wrong if one judged a book by its cover. If somebody were to evaluate me just based on my social media posts, they would be greatly mistaken. Both the possibility that I am virgin and the possibility that I was joking both exist.

The creator of the skit added that she frequently released similar material because she wanted to flaunt the quality of her body, which she had improved through plastic surgery. “If I’m posting sensual videos on Instagram, it’s because I had surgery recently and need to flaunt my curves,” she claimed. Is it expected that I endure that suffering while hiding the beauty? Just me, going about my business and having fun.

The creator of the sketch also argued that any man who sincerely liked her shouldn’t be put off by her accomplishments. Any man who likes me and feels intimated is absolutely not up to my standards, she declared. I want a man that is courageous rather than a boy, thus I don’t want any cowards around me at all.

“A man who knows what to do without being instructed is my ideal man. one who would appropriately adore me and is godly. Additionally, he must be attractive and taller than I am.

She responded, “In numerous families, it is not always the parents who are the breadwinners; there are some firstborns that are breadwinners. That is why I am training my siblings in the university while my parents are still alive. I’m merely carrying out my parental responsibilities. From the beginning, my mother did the work, but eventually I had to step in. Nothing wrong with that at all.

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