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Angel Confronts Maria For Sleeping with a married man during the BBNaija Reunion (Video)

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Angel Confronts Maria For Sleeping with a married man during the BBNaija Reunion (Video)

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On June 3rd, the Big Brother Naija season 6 reunion program began in earnest, and it has been fraught with drama as the ex-housemates confront the challenges they had while in the house.

Angel Confronts Maria

It’s no secret that Angel Smith and Maria Chike Benjamin have a strained relationship, and it shows in how they interact with one other both on and off the program.

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While having a talk with Peace and Nini in the executive room during the reunion, the 22-year-old reality show star accused Maria for slut-shaming and saying terrible things about her.

Maria, on the other hand, silenced her and told her to direct her rage at Ebuka, the show’s host, because she wasn’t cut out for that conversation.

Angel brought up the subject again in another episode, calling Maria a hypocrite for criticizing her acts when she herself is no different.

She also brought up the fallout from Cubana Chief Priest accusing the 30-year-old influencer of dating a married man in October 2021.

In her own words,

“We can all agree that Maria is a hypocrite. I am talking about it because you were flirty with Emmanuel. Yes, I am a bitch, a fucking bitch, that’s great. I wouldn’t heal because you are a patriarchal Princess. You didn’t know that one when you were fucking married man. Fool”.

This triggered Maria who then threatened to expose Angel’s philanderous activities while they were in Dubai.

“Really, is that what you wanna bring up. Don’t even allow me to bring up all the things you did in Dubai. Because you did it in front of everybody I know”. Maria said.

However, Angel was unperturbed by her threat and stated that she doesn’t mind being exposed because people already think she’s a slut.

Watch the video below,

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