Allison Wardle biography, net worth, age, husband – Graham Wardle


Allison Wardle biography, net worth

Allison Wardle biography, net worth, age, husband – Graham Wardle

Allison Wardle is a photographer who gained celebrity status following her marriage to Graham Wardle.

For those who don’t know, Graham Wardle is a popular Canadian actor, producer and writer. He is famous for his role in the popular series Heartland.

Although Allison and Graham are now divorced, she still holds the status of a celebrity but has managed to keep herself away from the media.

To know more about Allison Wardle, continue reading this article.

Full Name Allison Wardle
Date of Birth N/A
Nickname Allison
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Canada
Ethnicity White
Eyes Blue
Famous as Celebrity Wife of Graham Wardle
Nationality Canadian
Hair color Blonde

Allison Wardle’s Biography

There are no details of her day, month or year of birth; she is, however, believed to be in her mid 30’s. There are also no details of who her parents or siblings are.

Despite being married to a celebrity, Allison has been able to keep a very private life, and little is known about her childhood, education and career.

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Graham once revealed his now ex-wife is a photographer, and he used to share many of her pictures via his social media account when they were still together.

She is mainly recognised as the ex-wife of Graham Wardle, which made her famous. She may be a well-known individual in her field, but because she keeps a private lifestyle, we can’t ascertain who she is.

Marriage and divorce

The reports revealed the two had been dating for a long time before they finally got married in April 2015. Despite their celebrity status, their wedding was done on a low key and attended by close friends and family.

Neither of them had shared information on how or when they met.

However, after three years of marriage, Allison and Graham Wardle divorced in 2018, but they didn’t the reason for their divorce.

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Graham Wardle made the breakup known via his Facebook live broadcast in the early part of 2020.

There are no details of whether they had any child together during their short marriage.

Net worth

There are no details on Allison’s net worth, but her ex-husband is reportedly worth $3 million thanks to income from acting and producing.

Graham Wardle

Graham is a popular Canadian actor, film producer, director, and writer. He played the role of Ty Borden in the CBC series Heartland. Some of the movies he has featured in are Supernatural (2005) and Women’s Land (2007).

He produced Vessels with Friends, Capilano Alumni, among others.

As far as we know, Allison Wardle still keeps a low profile life and is not available on any social media platform.

Hopefully, Allison Wardle might decide to make use of her celebrity status in future and make known some of the unknown details about herself; until then, these are the available information about her.

In the case of Canadian actor Graham Allison, it is unknown if he is now in another relationship or considering a second marriage.

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