Actress Moyo Lawal Slams a Troll that tried to mock her


Popular Nollywood Actress Moyo Lawal had decided to reply publicly to all the trolls attacking her for her work out video that was to some fans rather too extreme as she publicly attacks and tries to justify herself.

The Yoruba born Actress posted a work out video some hours ago that got every one talking including some fans that publicly attacked her with some calling her a she goat and disgrace to womanhood” but she in an image decided to convey the information to her fans that she isn’t happy with such reactions…

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As she posted the pictures of which contained what she wrote to the trolls attacking her, a troll also tried to attack her using the comment box and she lambasted the troll by asking him if he can read”

See what she posted;

See what the troll who tried to mock her commented below as well;

Moyo Lawal is in a very bad mood right now because those painful comments really got to her…

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But I think Nigerians still need to learn the art of minding their businesses and not come to Instagram for her purpose of trolling public figures…

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