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Actress Amara Maduka advises couples on why they should leave if their marriage doesn’t work

Actress Amara Maduka
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The actress, who is known for her s*xy Instagram photos, also claimed that she has never cheated in a relationship.

Amara Maduka, a Nigerian actress and social media star, advised people who are trapped in toxic marriages to leave if the relationship is no longer beneficial to them.

“I am not sure anything about marriage scares me,” she stated in an interview with Saturday Beats. There’s always the option of walking away if it doesn’t work out. It’s not supposed to be a life or death situation. Investing my time and energy into something that isn’t worthwhile worries me, and I won’t do that to myself.”

“I would not advise somebody how to live their life, but I believe that s*x on a first date should not happen,” Maduka remarked when asked about having s*x on a first date. To know if you want to (have s*x with the individual), you should get to know them better. It’s fine, though, if someone wants to have s*x on the first date.”

The actress, who is known for her sexy Instagram photos, also claimed that she has never cheated in a relationship.

“No, I am not a cheat,” she stated emphatically. Why would I want to be with someone who would betray me? If I agree to be in a relationship with someone, it is because it is genuine. Why would I want to cheat if I’m happy?” I must genuinely adore the relationship.

“Sure, I can date an older man,” she answered when asked if she could date one. Some older men are romantic. “I’m not concerned with my age.”


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