Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: Mamu Gives Reasons He Stopped Negotiation With Terrorists

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Mallam Tukur Mamu, a close friend of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a well-known Islamic cleric, has outlined the reasons why he withdrew from negotiations with the terrorists that attacked the train traveling from Abuja to Kaduna in March 2022.

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Terrorists just released five additional March 28 attack victims, as reported by Naija News.

Mamu, who has served as a go-between for the government, the terrorists, and their victims, declared in an interview with Arise TV on Thursday that he will no longer engage in conversation with the terrorists since his life is in danger.

He claimed that as a result of his assistance in arranging the release of the victims in challenging circumstances, he had received threats.

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Mamu declared that he must withdraw from the negotiations because he was not receiving the full backing of the government, a development he deemed to be risky.

Mamu further emphasized that no ransom had yet been paid in exchange for the release of the hostages, but that talks and negotiations had been helpful, and that the government could not stand by while the captives remained in captivity.

“We did it via communication, careful bargaining, and the spirit of give and take,” he stated. No matter what you do, try to picture this as your brother, mother, or kid experiencing this time in captivity.

“Some of them are putting a lot of pressure on me. They believe that the little that we are doing is a demonstration of the military’s ineptitude, which is untrue. We do not disparage the military. We don’t criticize the federal government in any way. We are merely recommending them that this is the best course of action, particularly in light of the urgent and uncertain circumstances.

“I have stated that I will not be communicating with these people because I have reasons for doing so. First off, when you work alone, even if you do succeed, it will be a very small amount of success. And in cases where the government offers essentially no assistance and shows no sign of appreciation. And under the corrupt system we now have, I believe that the wisest course of action is to withdraw in circumstances where you are even being threatened in some way.

Mamu stated that he is not blaming anyone or criticizing the security agencies, but rather that given what he had witnessed and the pressure he had to endure, particularly in the lack of government assistance, it would be extremely risky for him to continue the negotiations.

One will even run the risk of losing his or her life, not from terrorists, of course, but from a corrupt society and the potential for blackmail, continued Mamu.

Mamu referred to the savagery of the bandits as being possessed by individuals with perverted religious ideas. As long as you didn’t hold the same religious beliefs as them, the blood they shed was even justified. Do we wait till they begin killing these individuals before we take action?


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