3 Successful Nigerian Actors Who Are From The Northern Part Of Nigeria (Photos)

Below are 3 Northern actors who are very successful in the Nigerian movie industry.

1. Halima Abubakar 

Halima Abubakar is a Nollywood actress who started her acting career in 2001. Ever since then, she has starred in more than 50 Nollywood movies. However, you should know that she comes from the Northern part of Nigeria known as Kogi State. Despite coming from the North, Halima Abubakar has been able to build a successful career for herself in the entertainment industry. She is currently rated as one of the most successful actresses from the North.

2. Susan Pwajok


Susan Pwajok is a Nollywood teen actress who is already building a reputation for herself in the movie industry. After her brilliant role in the tv series titled “The Johnsons”, Susan Pwajok moved on to develop her acting skills in the Nollywood movie industry. Susan Pwajok is also from the Northern part of Nigeria known as Plateau State. However, she has evolved into a successful actress in the movie industry.

3. Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu Mohammed is a Nollywood actor. He is considered to be one of the greatest actors in Nigeria. Ali Nuhu has earned a lot of awards and nominations since he started his acting career in 1999. One of the amazing things about him is that he features in both English and Hausa movies, which makes him different from his colleagues in the industry. Ali Nuhu is from the Northern part of Nigeria known as Gombe State, however, he has evolved into a successful actor in Nollywood.